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Interested in School Walk for Diabetes?

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How does School Walk for Diabetes work?


Online registration is a snap! Designate someone to be the school coordinator and register your school [above]. Once your school is registered, students, parents and staff can then register themselves for your School Walk. What happens after I register?

Log into your School Walk Center. Here you will find all the tools and resources to get a jump start on your School Walk. Email students and parents, and teachers and staff. Or send a note home (you can even use the template we’ve provided for you in your School Walk Center), and get the word out about your School Walk.

Then, plan a kick-off event for each PE class or as a whole school assembly and let everyone know what a great thing your school is doing for the American Diabetes Association. Lesson plans and presentations on diabetes are included in your School Walk Center, so feel free to use these resources however you want. And start your right away, too and you’re well on your way to supporting a great cause and earning a gift certificate for PE equipment from our friends at Gopher at the same time!

When and where do we have our School Walk?

  • School Walk for Diabetes can be held any time during the school year, as part of an all school assembly or as part of a regularly scheduled P.E. classroom activity.
  • The event may take place indoors or outdoors and may be any distance or length of time that the school determines.
  • You can even add other activities like volleyball, dancing, relay race or other physical activities to make it even more fun for everyone!
  • We suggest making sure you wrap-up your School Walk event six weeks before the close of the academic year to allow adequate time to receive your gift certificate.
  • There are two special times at the American Diabetes Association which are great opportunities to align your School Walk event. First, in November during American Diabetes Month and Diabetes Alert Day, on the fourth Tuesday in March. During both of these times there will be heightened awareness about diabetes because of significant activity in the national media around the country.

Can we honor a student or teacher with diabetes?

YES! We encourage individuals with diabetes or those personally impacted by diabetes to serve as School Walk for Diabetes ambassadors. Their personal experience and enthusiasm help to engage the rest of the school community in the event. If you want a student to be your school’s ambassador, please be sure to have permission first.

Did You Know...

  • Almost 30 million Americans live with diabetes
  • About 208,000 people under 20 years of age live with diabetes
  • Diabetes costs the American public more than $245 billion each year

Information about diabetes, its alarming complications, and much more can be found at