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How does the program work?

Online registration is a snap! Designate someone as the school coordinator and register your school by choosing the School Coordinators option on the left. Once the school has been registered, students, parents and staff can register themselves by choosing the School Walkers option on the left. You can also call your local American Diabetes Association office at 1-888-DIABETES to register your school as well.

What happens after I register?
After you register, you will be contacted by an American Diabetes Association School Walk staff person, who will provide you with all the tools you need to get started, including collection envelopes and thank you gift flyers for each student.

When and where is the event held?

Can we honor a student or teacher with diabetes?
YES! We encourage individuals with diabetes or those personally impacted by diabetes to serve as School Walk for Diabetes ambassadors. Their personal experience and enthusiasm help to engage the rest of the school community in the event.  If you want a student to be your school’s ambassador, please be sure to have permission first.

Did You Know...

Information about diabetes, its alarming complications, and much more can be found at www.diabetes.org