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Sheffield Elementary - Lynchburg, VA

Students at Sheffield Elementary worked hard this year to learn more about diabetes and raise money for a great cause. With the help of school nurse, Debbie West, PE teacher, Ruth Kirby, and a very special student, school staff and students alike made School Walk for Diabetes an educational success.

Two weeks before the walk, the whole school gathered into the cafeteria by grade for the kickoff event, to learn about diabetes and about SWFD, and to play some games and have fun. When ADA representative Elisabeth King arrived at Sheffield Elementary for the walk, the excitement went far beyond the students and school staff. Parents and Lynchburg City School Nurse Coordinator, Anne Bond-Gentry, came out to walk with the children too. Dare officers and student safety patrol were there to make sure everyone stayed safe. The local ABC affiliate—WSET—even came out and interviewed Ms. West and the mother of a diabetic student! The story appeared on the six o’clock and eleven o’clock news. To read the story, visit http://www.wset.com/news/stories/0307/410227.html.

During Sheffield's SWFD campaign students and their families worked hard to raise over $4,000 for the American Diabetes Association. In regards to this, Ms. West said, "We did pretty well, didn't we?" That's putting it modestly. Ms. West's next plan is to speak with the school's local business partners to attempt to get the student collections matched! Great job Sheffield!

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