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Raise Money Through your School

Set a goal and reach it! Every school raising between $1,000 and $7,499 earns 10 percent back for PE equipment and school medical supplies from US-Games. Schools raising $7,500 or more earn 15% back.

Here are some great tips from schools like yours:
  • Ask your representative for a quantity of School Walk for Diabetes pin-ups. Use these as an incentive for students who bring in their collection envelopes with more than $1. Have the students sign the name of someone they know with diabetes and create a Wall of Honor.
  • Explain to students that nearly 26 million children and adults have diabetes in the United States. Challenge each student to raise at least $2.60 – or $26 – for those people. Students that meet that goal will get to trace their foot and put it on a Wall of Honor.
  • Host theme days, like jeans day or hat day, and ask participants for $1 (or other amount) to participate.
  • Host a "Dimes for Diabetes" or "Dollars for Diabetes" drive. Each homeroom takes a coffee can and designs healthy messages on a paper cover.Upon inserting their first dime or dollar, students write their name on the canister.The homeroom with the most dimes or dollars at the end of the campaign wins a free physical education class or recess period.
  • Host a dance or "Teacher vs. Students" athletic game on a weeknight and charge an adult/student rate to benefit the ADA. The ADA can provide materials for parents about diabetes and healthy living.
  • Buy several rolls of a bright, neon-colored or tie-dyed ribbon. Cut the ribbon into strips about 10 inches long. When a student brings in $2.60 (for the nearly 26 million kids and adults with diabetes) or more, give them a ribbon to wear around their arm to honor those they know with diabetes.