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School Walk for Diabetes is an educational school fundraising program that promotes healthy living, school spirit and community involvement.

While raising money for the American Diabetes Association, students learn about diabetes and the importance of making healthy choices including eating nutritional foods and exercising every day. The money raised through School Walk for Diabetes helps to fund diabetes research, education and advocacy in support of the mission of the American Diabetes Association.

Where We Walk & Local Info

School Walk for Diabetes is offered in select areas across the nation. Please visit our School Walk Local Info page, or select from the drop-down menu below, to find where we walk and what's going on in these areas.

If School Walk is not offered in your area, please consider holding a third party event or creating a school team to particpate in your local Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes event.

By signing up today, you and your school will be joining the movement to Stop Diabetes©.

Interested in School Walk for Diabetes?

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Step 1: Hold a Kickoff Event

This is the opportunity for your students to learn about diabetes, about healthy lifestyle and get them excited about participating in the School Walk for Diabetes campaign.

Step 2: Spread awareness about the event and start fund raising

During this 2-3 week period, students spread the word about School Walk for Diabetes and raise money for diabetes. Donations help fund essential programs aimed at curing diabetes, preventing its onset, and improving the lives of all those affected by diabetes. Students and coordinators can earn great prizes.

Step 3: School Walk for Diabetes

This fun event promotes daily exercise and allows students and teachers to walk in memory or in honor of a class mate, family members friends or loved ones affected by diabetes.

Top 5 Reasons

Top 5 Reasons to Hold a School Walk for Diabetes at Your School

Cool "thank you" gifts for students and coordinators.

Your school can earn needed PE and medical supplies.

Educate your students about diabetes and making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes.

It's for a great cause.

It's a FUN activity that inspires creativity and builds a sense of community and school spirit.