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Interested in School Walk for Diabetes?

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Raise Money for your School & Support ADA

The #1 reason why someone donates is because they were asked! 

When it's a great cause, it can be easy to ask someone to support you. So, make your requests for donations personal. Tell your supporters why you want to join the fight to Stop Diabetes!

Fundraising Tips:

  • Students who register for their School Walk online will get their own personal fundraising webpage and can email friends and family to ask for their support.
  • School Coordinators can use the donation forms in their School Walk Center to send home with students, staff, and teachers.
  • Classes can plan special fundraising events like penny wars or “jeans day” to help reach their school goal.
  • Teachers can also get into the act, by encouraging students to reach a certain goal by having a favorite teacher or principal do something silly and fun in front of the whole school (how about a dunk tank, pie-in-the-face, do the chicken dance, dye their hair red, shave off a beard or serve lunch for the day!)

Also, just a reminder…

  1. Always be safe!  Never go door-to-door asking for money.
  2. Ask your family and friends if they work for a company with a matching gift program. Many companies give money to charities when their employees do. You could double the amount you raise just by asking one simple question!

All your hard work can pay off!

Not only will be supporting the fight against diabetes, but schools that raise $2,000 or more can earn a certificate to purchase physical education equipment from Gopher