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Interested in School Walk for Diabetes?

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Raise Money for your School & Support ADA

It's hard to ask people for money—even when it's for a great cause. Make your requests for donations personal. Tell your sponsors why you are walking or explain the health concern diabetes presents.

There are so many ways to raise money for the American Diabetes Association!

  • You can use a collection envelope to ask for money from family and friends.
  • You can reach out to businesses in your community, or hold special fundraising events at your school. Look at some of our ideas for fundraising through your school or by asking your family and friends.
  • Once a student is registered, he or she can build a personal Web page and email friends and family to ask for their support. Personal Web pages are also a great way to track their fundraising progress and keep supporters up to date on the event.

Students and schools earn thank you gifts for participating!

  • Students only have to raise $5.00 to start earning great prizes, including sporting equipment and outdoor gear.
  • Incentives will reinforce the healthy living messages that are a vital part of the School Walk for Diabetes program.
  • Schools that collectively raise $1,000 or more receive a certificate to purchase physical education equipment or other school health curriculum and supplies from School Specialty. The amount of the certificate is based upon a percentage of the gross dollars raised.