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St. Matthew the Apostle School, New Orleans, LA

The Junior Beta Club at St. Matthew the Apostle School organizes School Walk for Diabetes (SWFD) as an "educational fun day" to raise awareness about diabetes. After three years of hosting SWFD events, they have become experts in coming up with new and exciting ways to get everyone involved.

Each year, they have a police escort walk students through the neighborhood to the local playground where the event takes place. They organize all kinds of relay races and games with diabetes themes. To recognize that a pig was the first source of insulin, they hold an Insulin Relay where students pin insulin on the pig. Another event is called Diabetes Hula Hoop Trivia where students answer questions about diabetes. Some other creative games include Answer-betes, Find the Cure, and Diabetes Dunk.

Although the Junior Beta Club is involved in many other service activities and fund raisers, SWFD is their biggest project. Student members plan the creative aspects of the campaign without the help of faculty members. They raised more than $9,600 this year, and with the US Games certificates earned through SWFD, they were able to purchase a ball for every homeroom class to use at recess.

“It's all in the kids' hands. Every year we get nervous about what they are going to come up with, but it always turns out to be a wonderful day,” said Sabrina Trouard, a teacher at St. Matthew. “We are really proud of them and what they've done. They have raised so much money during the past few years,” she added.

The Junior Beta Club has done a great job making students aware of diabetes even if they are not directly affected by the disease. They set an example for other students by using their creativity for a worthy cause.

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